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Today is the national brother and sister day!

I do not have any brothers, but I do have 2 dear sisters with whom I share kindness and suffering

I am the middle one too old for this and too young! MindFukc now you also know why middle weird creatures are😜😜

We argue with each other, we cry with each other but 99% we laugh with each other. We grew up with respect for each other so we did not scold. If one of my sisters scolded “accidentally” I had reasons to blackmail them again

And sometimes they were tired of it and begged me to also call a word of abuse so that we were right😅

We grew up computer free and internet-free, we invented the funniest games with ice cubes, the rules changed on the spot because I could not win

That on Sunday morning we made a tent of cloths with clothespins and my father brought us breakfast as if it looked like we were picnicking (now I understand that my parents wanted to have a piece of rest 🥳)

My parents each gave us a room, but we slept together in the evening.

My sisters, I love them and I can not live without them, I protect them with everything I have, I call them t (r) utten, but when an outsider does that you just go.

Now as an adult we look just like each other but with 3 different characters, we laugh even more with our humor and nobody always understands our humor.

We support each other in everything and continue to grow together and our different characters keep us in balance

We are YING YANG and YUNG🤔🤭❤💛💚

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