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Vacation It is “Type 2 GO”

Okay Okay Okay, i admit! Holiday is not yet on the doorstep.👙

But after the Easter days (read eat-days) it is very necessary for me to find my balance!
I’m not into the chocolate so the Easter eggs were safe. But that does not take away from me that I like good food.
Directly the explanation of my high and thelo, but yes explanation or not, it is not fun! 😐😐
For now the “FEELING IRIE” collection has been extended, because I’m already half thinking about the holiday, not to Jamaica, but it’s certainly on my bucket list. “
Do you also feel like vacation? Is it almost “Type 2 Go” for you to go on holiday? Let SH1RTS & SUGAR know which holiday destination you would like to have on your T-shirt and why.
The nicest, funniest and most beautiful stories will be rewarded with a “Holiday – T-sh1rt”
Are you a type1, 2 or do you want to give someone the gift, then join the action.
Respond to the attached message, or leave your comment on:
FaceBook: sh1rts sugar
InstaGram: sh1rts.sugar
So now i’m going to check my bloodsugar and see if I have earned a (non) alcoholic cocktail🍸🍸
Come on  sun I’m ready for it🌞🌞

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