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SH1RTS & SUGAR has been in existence for a year. I am here, I saved the first year! I have come from far with many ups & downs. But knowing myself, I make sure that the downs don’t take the upper hand! Starting a business with sugar and then having no brakes is hard. Sometimes people really have no idea. A look behind the scenes perhaps? Maybe once but not (yet)! This is good for me to work very hard, to shed tears and then to laugh again as if nothing ever happened. SMILE:) I have passed a year and congratulate myself and even better I give myself a pat on the back, what a wonderful feeling this is. SH1RTS & SUGAR has been around for 1 year and I am a little proud of myself: Tsh1rts designed, newsletters written Limited Editions released and much more in store! I keep inventing and making sure that I will not disappoint my customers, followers and diabetics and will always work hard. I will leave the first year behind and start the second year. Full of good cheer and with even more wisdom. The disappointments behind me, and a nice second year for me. Cheers Mauwe you did this! For the 2nd year You got this!

! 🎂🥂🍾

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