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There he is the Free Style Libre, I finally have it! I had no idea what to expect but I am so happy with it. How does it work? You put the sensor on, I now put it on my upper arm, and with the “reader” you scan the sensor and the reader shows here what your value is, all in a few seconds. The sensor stays in place for 14 days, applying the sensor, you don’t feel it either. If I wear long sleeves I can scan over my clothing. Yes I am so happy about this. I scan several times a day, something that I did much less with stinging, which of course wasn’t good. For first time use it is important that the reader can only be used after 1 hour after you have checked the settings. With my values ​​I have highs and lows so often that I should prick much more often, now with scanning I scan as often as I want when I want but especially where I want. And, that is important where I want, I did it with a finger prick, but not in a restaurant, for example, that is just not fresh when you are busy with blood. But now when the waiter arrives, I scan and know LOLLLL wine or water on the spot. What do you think when I’m at the fairs or visit another reggae concert? Yes, I really only see benefits. At least 1 thing after that. The insurance will (still) compensate but they are working hard on petitions and have already been signed. It may be mine yesterday than today, because unfortunately the FreeStyle Libre is really not cheap. But I already know that I can’t live without it anymore. If you have any questions, do you want to know more or just want to say something, leave a message. I will keep you informed with my experiences. For now I thank you FreeLibre Style for bringing peace and more freedom in my #DiabeticLifeStyle.

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