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October PowerVrouw is none other than my own sister Diana AKA Dietje. Dietje had a stomach reduction that I feared not the stomach reduction but the operation itself. Fortunately everything went well and we were able to talk about it well. Dietje shines completely, so fiercely that sometimes I have to walk with her eyes closed hahahah If you see me in the winter with sunglasses then I don’t show Diva behavior, but then you know why LOLLLL. Read her beautiful story, admire her beautiful telling picture, further in the newsletter. And we will certainly follow Dietje closely
#Proudofyou Sis

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  1. Hello, i did mine like 24 years ago, and now a days things have chanced a lot in people benefits. In the beginning i had a lot of problems . Feeling sick trowing up and not able to eat . But after all this years i am still happy that i took the step. So Take care wishing you all the best!

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