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Do you still remember the #HASTAG that always came along? The time has come for me today … WHOOP WHOOP!

Our last collection of 2018, how hard is the time, but we now have to concentrate on WorldDiabeten day the holidays and the fairs!

But first as I already mentioned the #HASHTAG collection, I am totally happy with it and I hope so too!

The #HASHTAG is a collection of short words that says a lot about yourself! For example, my #HASTAG is: #POWER or #KRACHT

This word is on my HOODY, but even more fun because it is possible, also on a BAGS ERBEIJ?

How nice is that? In the store are all the colors of the Hoodies and TASJE ERBEIJ?

I also indicated some words in the store myself! And if your #WORD is not listed then you add it yourself, everything is possible and (almost) everything is allowed.

What makes it all a bit more personal. WHOOP WHOOP your own HOODY and BAG YOU HAVE?

# HOODY and TASJE THERE? is the collection for men and women and in various sizes your size is not there late then leave a message.

You can combine and, of course, hit each other …. All newsletter readers get the bag when you buy the #HOODY? All for nothing or you know what to stay in the #HASTAG for # FREE😄😄

What will be your #HASHTHAG?

Go quickly to the store😘😘

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