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Marion Grootfaam

Vote for SH1RTS & SUGAR

WHOOP WHOOP SH1RTS & SUGAR, has been nominated for NEW WEBSHOP AWARDS I am really very proud to be nominated anyway. But how cool would it be if I can and may also receive the prize. At the moment I am in 4th place in the top 5. Thank you very much to people who voted for me for now. I ask everyone to vote for SH1RST & SUGAR, since you can only vote once and share the link with your friends and family. My thanks are BIG!


Peace and love to you!

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in your movement! I would be truly honored and appreciate you coming to me for the month of November.

My birthday is actually November 1st, I have been type1 for 10 years now. I am proud to represent the diabetic community within hip hop because not many public figures let alone musicians speak on living with diabetes and not many are even aware of how deadly this disease can be.

My goal is to reach as many people with my music and message of self awareness and positive empowerment to get everyone more aware of our struggles as well as give inspiration to those who believe because they suffer from any disease they can’t or not allowed to pursue their dreams.

Here is my latest single I released called “sour power” off my U.W.U MUSIC PROJECT releasing next year 2020. If possible to make a video supporting the single that would be a blessing.

Tank you again, peace and much love.



It is PinkTober and therefore SH1RTS & SUGAR also pays attention to this nasty disease. Unfortunately we also know or have known someone who is fighting this disease. Just like with diabetes, examinations are very important and that is why it is difficult for me to look the other way in October. In October a part of my sales goes to PinkRibbon. If you do not place an order with SH1RTS & SUGAR no problem, of course, you can also simply donate via my digital collection bus then click on the link below. Thank you!

PowerWoman October

October PowerVrouw is none other than my own sister Diana AKA Dietje. Dietje had a stomach reduction that I feared not the stomach reduction but the operation itself. Fortunately everything went well and we were able to talk about it well. Dietje shines completely, so fiercely that sometimes I have to walk with her eyes closed hahahah If you see me in the winter with sunglasses then I don’t show Diva behavior, but then you know why LOLLLL. Read her beautiful story, admire her beautiful telling picture, further in the newsletter. And we will certainly follow Dietje closely
#Proudofyou Sis


There he is the Free Style Libre, I finally have it! I had no idea what to expect but I am so happy with it. How does it work? You put the sensor on, I now put it on my upper arm, and with the “reader” you scan the sensor and the reader shows here what your value is, all in a few seconds. The sensor stays in place for 14 days, applying the sensor, you don’t feel it either. If I wear long sleeves I can scan over my clothing. Yes I am so happy about this. I scan several times a day, something that I did much less with stinging, which of course wasn’t good. For first time use it is important that the reader can only be used after 1 hour after you have checked the settings. With my values ​​I have highs and lows so often that I should prick much more often, now with scanning I scan as often as I want when I want but especially where I want. And, that is important where I want, I did it with a finger prick, but not in a restaurant, for example, that is just not fresh when you are busy with blood. But now when the waiter arrives, I scan and know LOLLLL wine or water on the spot. What do you think when I’m at the fairs or visit another reggae concert? Yes, I really only see benefits. At least 1 thing after that. The insurance will (still) compensate but they are working hard on petitions and have already been signed. It may be mine yesterday than today, because unfortunately the FreeStyle Libre is really not cheap. But I already know that I can’t live without it anymore. If you have any questions, do you want to know more or just want to say something, leave a message. I will keep you informed with my experiences. For now I thank you FreeLibre Style for bringing peace and more freedom in my #DiabeticLifeStyle.

Yesss We Did It

SH1RTS & SUGAR has reached the target amount of € 300. Your support has raised an amount (so far) of € 348. We are very grateful to everyone for your support and support. Our promotion was, if we had reached the amount all participants would receive our “Someone I shirt”, but also your female sponsors will receive a shirt. Leave a nice message, and we will contact you! Our Model Alyvia is already wearing it with love. Click here to view the shirt https://www.sh1rts-sugar.com/product/i-%E2%9D%A4-u-3/?v=796834e7a283

Cycling Against Diabetes🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Yes yes people on June 29, we will cycle against Diabetes.🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

It is what most of you know that I don’t even run for the bus let alone that I go cycling LOL, so you can actually see that I take this seriously.

Joan (my lovely sister) and I are currently cycling, but there is a good chance that our SH1RTS & SUGAR team will be expanded. Fortunately, because then it is not so obvious that my condition “zero point zero” is compared to my zussie hihihih. After all, Joan cycles every day … just like my oldest sister (who may also participate) so I can’t compete with that either. Fortunately I also hear tips that I have to build up a bit first, a little bit? Well we are going to cycle recreation and that is already 50KM! 50KM? 50KM? Pooh Pooh the more I repeat it the tiring I become again and that is not the intention I think. Ah well I say especially “Mauwe You Got This! Tis for a good cause” (and I repeat 40x hahahah) But all in all I am really looking forward to it. In addition to my diabetes sh1t, I take all sorts of things, along with fruit and sweets, with or without sugar, and I have my sister with it so that despite the serious subject, it becomes laughter,laughter and laughter.

you know: I have diabetes, but diabetes does not have me!

Show your support and leave a message


We give away a T-shirt of your choice, for all our friends around the world. SH1RTS & SUGAR, has been in existence for 1 year and is launching its English website. Do you also want a free tshirt, no shipping costs, no order costs just completely free? What should you do to have a chance? Respond to this blog, indicate the order number and tell me why you would like to receive this tshirt. Like the page and that’s it! Participating costs nothing and you can participate as often as you want! SO WIN WIN WIN

We all need some SH1RTS & SUGAR


SH1RTS & SUGAR has been in existence for a year. I am here, I saved the first year! I have come from far with many ups & downs. But knowing myself, I make sure that the downs don’t take the upper hand! Starting a business with sugar and then having no brakes is hard. Sometimes people really have no idea. A look behind the scenes perhaps? Maybe once but not (yet)! This is good for me to work very hard, to shed tears and then to laugh again as if nothing ever happened. SMILE:) I have passed a year and congratulate myself and even better I give myself a pat on the back, what a wonderful feeling this is. SH1RTS & SUGAR has been around for 1 year and I am a little proud of myself: Tsh1rts designed, newsletters written Limited Editions released and much more in store! I keep inventing and making sure that I will not disappoint my customers, followers and diabetics and will always work hard. I will leave the first year behind and start the second year. Full of good cheer and with even more wisdom. The disappointments behind me, and a nice second year for me. Cheers Mauwe you did this! For the 2nd year You got this!

! 🎂🥂🍾


It is almost there, for me the most beautiful day of the year! Some people call it a commercial day, call it how you want I call it the day of love ❤💛💚
The day the shop windows turn red again, hearts and hearts there! Cuddly bears big cards and the tastiest chocolates that my blood sugar is going to raise only when I look at it. The day that how much you love your neighbor, it can be extra clear on this day! DELICIOUS I love it.
And because I love it so much, I drag you into my “sweet, non-commercial” world!
From today it is already online my “VALENTINE” collection. HIS & HERS. Who dares to go on Valentine’s Day with his or her Lover in one of the Valentine T-sh1rts and show that you belong together? SH1RTS & SUGAR in any case and we will show that the entire collection can be ordered from today until 14-02-2019 for a loving action prize.
SH1RTS & SUGAR is also curious about your story. Therefore leave your comment here. The best stories are of course rewarded with super nice prices for 2 people.
So come on with your story and tell me why you should fall in the prizes? How did you meet? With whom would you celebrate Valentine and especially why? Your partner, your son or daughter, colleagues, classmate? Have you made a blunder with your previous Valentine and do you want a “good fortune”?
Come on with your story and SHOW ME THE LOVE💕💞💙

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