It is almost there, for me the most beautiful day of the year! Some people call it a commercial day, call it how you want I call it the day of love ❤💛💚
The day the shop windows turn red again, hearts and hearts there! Cuddly bears big cards and the tastiest chocolates that my blood sugar is going to raise only when I look at it. The day that how much you love your neighbor, it can be extra clear on this day! DELICIOUS I love it.
And because I love it so much, I drag you into my “sweet, non-commercial” world!
From today it is already online my “VALENTINE” collection. HIS & HERS. Who dares to go on Valentine’s Day with his or her Lover in one of the Valentine T-sh1rts and show that you belong together? SH1RTS & SUGAR in any case and we will show that the entire collection can be ordered from today until 14-02-2019 for a loving action prize.
SH1RTS & SUGAR is also curious about your story. Therefore leave your comment here. The best stories are of course rewarded with super nice prices for 2 people.
So come on with your story and tell me why you should fall in the prizes? How did you meet? With whom would you celebrate Valentine and especially why? Your partner, your son or daughter, colleagues, classmate? Have you made a blunder with your previous Valentine and do you want a “good fortune”?
Come on with your story and SHOW ME THE LOVE💕💞💙