Let it snow….

Yes, I certainly think so. Everyone who knows me a little bit knows that I am not a water drinker

And yes, before I became a diabetic, I did not come to my 1 liter of fluid a day. All I drank was a glass of wine, a glass of cola, a glass of fruit juice. Just the drinks with a high sugar content. Oops 😏😏

I really had to reduce the only real sweet tooth Mauw🍦🍰🎂🧁🍭🍬 with these kind of sugar drinks, and since I listen so well I did that immediately NOT! 🤫🤫🤭🤭

So looking for an alternative and thanks to the new CD at the time, from Beyonce “LEMONADE” I came back on lemon juice with water. You think again? Yep because I had already drunk this and I liked that. Lemon juice from a bottle (yes yes fresh is better but I think this is too much trouble) water and sweetener hmmm nice hear I could again to the inside of vitamins inside moisture and was ready Klara, eh I mean Mauwe of course.

And then the inevitable happened, something nobody saw coming (hahaha yes of course) I was bored again so now what?

And by coincidence I came to Bolero for a drink for a healthy lifestyle, well what did I have to think about that? But still I linked Bolero, because of the 0 carbohydrates (so no hidden sugars) directly to my diabetes. I asked if she wanted to sponsor me (I just started with SH1RTS & SUGAR) and before I knew it I had all the information in my pocket for my first show.

Including free powder sticks in various flavors. A taste and hmmmmmm a Bolero world opened for me. I am 100% behind the product it is refreshing and sugar / carbohydrates pretty good for every diabetic or diet.

I now get 2 liters per day (easy) and I can mix what I want. and of course there is also lemon between all tastes

Have you already tried what is your favorite taste and how do you prefer to drink it? Let me know and leave a message.

Mine Spa red with the ginger flavor hmmmm

I say Bolero THANKS! (finally I find what is permanently nice 😂😂😂😘)

& nbsp;