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Month: October 2018

❄WinterFair Antwerpen❄

SH1RTS & SUGAR ❄🍭 is there, and we are looking forward to it.

It has been a while since SH1RTS & SUGAR has been on a fair, and we are really looking forward to this!

The winter seems to be “fair” 😁 away happily but inside the fair, it becomes warm cozy and nothing but fun and meanwhile hopping and shopping.

Do you already feel like it? Do you want to make a nice day out of Antwerp? SH1RTS & SUGAR gives away 2 entrance tickets for the cozy WinterFair.

Leave your message below and tell me why the tickets are for you☺ react quickly!

Because the winners will be announced on 01-11-2018.

Our stand number will soon be known, so keep an eye on the site.

Whether or not tickets won, come along and we make funggggg 🎆🎆🎆

And we got the coffee


Do you still remember the #HASTAG that always came along? The time has come for me today … WHOOP WHOOP!

Our last collection of 2018, how hard is the time, but we now have to concentrate on WorldDiabeten day the holidays and the fairs!

But first as I already mentioned the #HASHTAG collection, I am totally happy with it and I hope so too!

The #HASHTAG is a collection of short words that says a lot about yourself! For example, my #HASTAG is: #POWER or #KRACHT

This word is on my HOODY, but even more fun because it is possible, also on a BAGS ERBEIJ?

How nice is that? In the store are all the colors of the Hoodies and TASJE ERBEIJ?

I also indicated some words in the store myself! And if your #WORD is not listed then you add it yourself, everything is possible and (almost) everything is allowed.

What makes it all a bit more personal. WHOOP WHOOP your own HOODY and BAG YOU HAVE?

# HOODY and TASJE THERE? is the collection for men and women and in various sizes your size is not there late then leave a message.

You can combine and, of course, hit each other …. All newsletter readers get the bag when you buy the #HOODY? All for nothing or you know what to stay in the #HASTAG for # FREE😄😄

What will be your #HASHTHAG?

Go quickly to the store😘😘

Whoepieee its animal day

Our dear spoiled diva cat (tekoppie) is spoiled every day, is really not too short, but today extra.

Nouw actually heard yesterday, because she got soup for the first time.

Just cold soup so I did not understand it and did not like it, but the cup was completely empty! So that certainly went well. Tonight again and extra sweets and then hope that she understands that it was one-time or we have a small problem🙀😹

Kayleigh has been baptized into my BAC and that is my Bloodsugar Allert Cat.

Kayleigh responds to my if my bloodsugar is negative. When I’m low she stands on me and starts to meow in my face. The first time I did not realize and HELLUP did not think that cat moth! 🙀😹 And I was shocked by the # $ @% & (dirty word🙀)

Now I am grateful to her and when I am low, she makes meow, jumps off me and waits neatly at the stairs to go downstairs together. And wait for me until I have worked inside and we go upstairs together again!

How is that possible? I have no idea, but I am grateful that she does this and that is why she is spoiled, and she simply gets a little more from us, because she gives us just that little bit of rest.

What does your beesie do for details? Or does he just do nothing and his presence is enough. Let me know and leave your message here.

On behalf of us and Kayleigh for all animals a SUPER animal day (except for spiders and mosquitoes and flies and ru😹😹😹😹) no joke ehum …


We have designed the best collection of Hoodies for the girls from 2 to 16 years.

This collection is inspired by the cutest girls Finally and Alyvia.

Of course I only wanted them to show the collection “POWERGIRL” and “CURLYWURLY”

and what do you think? THEY SAID YESSSSS, I am super proud and I look forward to our cooperation.

That is why you will soon see their entire photo shoot here on the site.

“Not only on the site, but also on social media, in the next newsletter and of course on our next fair” WINTERFAIR “in Antwerp.

How nice is that? Can not wait just like me? No?

Well then we are unlucky, because unfortunately we will have to! But I am glad you are as excited about it as I am.



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