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Month: September 2018

Your story about your brother or sister

Today is the national brother and sister day!

I do not have any brothers, but I do have 2 dear sisters with whom I share kindness and suffering

I am the middle one too old for this and too young! MindFukc now you also know why middle weird creatures are😜😜

We argue with each other, we cry with each other but 99% we laugh with each other. We grew up with respect for each other so we did not scold. If one of my sisters scolded “accidentally” I had reasons to blackmail them again

And sometimes they were tired of it and begged me to also call a word of abuse so that we were right😅

We grew up computer free and internet-free, we invented the funniest games with ice cubes, the rules changed on the spot because I could not win

That on Sunday morning we made a tent of cloths with clothespins and my father brought us breakfast as if it looked like we were picnicking (now I understand that my parents wanted to have a piece of rest 🥳)

My parents each gave us a room, but we slept together in the evening.

My sisters, I love them and I can not live without them, I protect them with everything I have, I call them t (r) utten, but when an outsider does that you just go.

Now as an adult we look just like each other but with 3 different characters, we laugh even more with our humor and nobody always understands our humor.

We support each other in everything and continue to grow together and our different characters keep us in balance

We are YING YANG and YUNG🤔🤭❤💛💚

Let’s go for it ….

I am already in my new year of life for a few days, and I feel good.

I enjoyed my birthday, had a nice meal with my little man in the Buena Vista Beach Club (really recommended) and thank everyone equally for the best presents.

Of course the sun was fully present. It is all behind us and we are working on SH1RTS & SUGAR again.

New collections are back online, on the site some adjustments have been made to facilitate ordering, and I am also busy with social media, also a full-time job, but it’s fun

Less news from social media is that more and more type 1 children are recovering every year! 😔

At this moment “Pray for Sophia” goes viral on social media. Sophia is a 10-year-old girl who has been in a coma since last week after a hypo in her sleep. “Not a great news, of course, but these are things that can happen at a type 1, we can not pretend our nose bleeds. Investigations are super important so keep on donating and support my action for the diabetes fund https://www.diabeatit.nl/actie/marion-grootfaam

Do not forget to register, at this moment the newsletter appears in Dutch but also in English WHOOP WHOOP. Thank you subscribers worldwide.

Do you want to put a piece in the newsletter yourself, do you have a nice, special, sweet story? Leave a message and I’ll make sure you can be read in the upcoming newsletter.

The weather is super nice, but in the evening hours a lot fresher, so look in the store for the best HOODIES with the best pressure for ladies, men, boys and girls

And yes of course your purchase, also an amount goes to the Diabetes Fund.

Thank you 💙💋

It’s almost my birthday💙🎁🎈

I’ve had an eventful year

The start-up of SH1RTS & SUGAR. Designing, recruiting, selling and of course collecting money for the Diabetes Fund.

Holiday in house and garden behind it was delicious, especially with the BBQs hmmmmm. The hot summer days, less were the changing sugar values, but still here! 💪

And in the meantime also take the time for our wedding.

So as I said, a pretty eventful year. I wonder what my new year has in store for me, I am grateful for the past year and thankful every morning that I can open my eyes again.

It is my 15th of September my birthday, on to a new year and that I can get even stronger than last year 💙💙💙

What do I want for my birthday? What superrr nice that you ask! 😊😂 I would like a contribution for my campaign for the Diabetes Fund, research are just super important and that is why we are happy with all donations, this can be from € 1, – hear😊

Click on the link below and on behalf of the Diabetes Fund and myself: THANKS!



We have this month the entire collection “FIGHTER👊” online, as T-sh1rt of the month!

WHAT?!! Do you think ?! But it really is so you can choose from a variety of children’s teenagers or adult T-shirts.

And various colors, how nice!

This entire T-shirt line is dedicated to all small fighters among us who have had to visit the hospital up and down, the students who have started again and the high blood sugars with difficulty can get out of the way.

The moms and dads, the uncles and aunts, the brothers and sisters who fight with us, or fight their own battle!

In short, I did not have to think about the T-shirt of the month.

And because I am having my birthday this month, i will give 15% discount on the entire “FIGHTER” collection

Which fighter deserves the T-shirt of the month?

Let me know and leave your message.

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