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Month: August 2018

Back to school

SH1RTS & SUGAR has designed its 200th T-sh1rt and while I have this type there are already some models added.

We have a whole new collection ready

SH1RT & SUGAR, goes with the new collection BACK TO SCHOOL! ‘

We let each student (tje) go to school in Good Looking Fun.

And therefore to celebrate our 200th T-sh1rt. We want all students across the globe to celebrate this with us.

Until 1 September 2018, the T-sh1rtjes will be sold from the entire collection “BACK 2 SCHOOL” for € 15, – p.s. excl. shipping costs

Any pupil who can count a bit knows that this makes a huge difference :).

Do not wait too long and order your “BACK TO SCHOOL” T-sh1rt before 01-09-2018

Ferry introduces himself ….

Hi, I’m Ferry de man, who is involved in the logistics part of SH1RTS & SUGAR

The person who ensures that you receive the orders. I make sure that the stands look perfectly dressed during the fairs. In short, I work with pride as All Round Manager for SH1RTS & SUGAR!

When I first met Mauwe 2 years ago, I also learned about the pros and cons, the ups and downs and the high and lows of a diabetic.

I work with a lot of fun and motivation on SH1RTS & SUGAR, to be part of a support for all types, the 1, 2 and zero, who can use a touch of humor.

We are also at fairs and the interventions, which I have with the type 1, 2 or people who are close to a diabetic, really make me feel that we are with SH1RTS & SUGAR, with

doing something good.

I will continue to do this for a long time and with great pleasure my support and work on SH1RTS & SUGAR.

Shaireen introduces herself …..

My name is Shai, and I am the granddaughter, niece and sister of a Diabetic. I do not wear it myself, but I can see that the life of a diabetic can be described as a rollercoaster.

In September 2017 was the announcement of SH1RTS & SUGAR and that was a great idea. With a touch of humor, hundreds of T-sh1rts are already being designed. Some from the brain of SH1RTS & SUGAR and some from the customer.

In February I started as an employee Marketing Social Media and now five months later I can only say how great it is at SH1RTS & SUGAR and how diverse the customers are. In the past few months I have been through exhibitions, and we have even experienced customers outside the Netherlands.

SH1RTS & SUGAR is now a puppy, but with the support of you this company will become a tough dog.


Drop your holiday experiences here, your greetings to anyone. Cozy

who first? Ok I then 🙂 I do the greetings to my sweet Paps and Mams, who are currently enjoying their well deserved holiday in Suriname

Love You and Thick Kiss.


And there he is again for the month of August “T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH”

This month he comes with a personal twist. I love a glass of wine with these warm sultry summer days, preferably with bubbles of course.

Enjoy a nice terrace, go crazy on a garden party or enjoy the BBQ!

That is why this is my T-sh1rt of the month, buy him the entire month of August with a discount. This is the version in the sultry sunny sunflower yellow.

But also available in Bride White and Flower Pink.

Can I have a wine as a diabetic, yes of course you do. Just like any non-diabetic all in moderation right?

So now a wine? Sure “W1NE NOT!”

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