My Dad’s Day

Meet my dad

My dear dad, my strong dad, father of a type 1, grandfather of a type 1 and husband of a type 1, also women kiss then you have to be very strong in your shoes smilesmile

My dad always told me that he has 1 queen (my mom) and 3 princesses (my sisters and I). Something that my sisters and I took too literally, since we also showed real princesses (read DIVA) behavior :) :)

My dad, who taught me to be smart, as a fanatic crossword puzzler, also let me solve puzzles from the Saturday newspaper. Starting with an amount of fl 5.- (oops old hahaha)

My dad who never mind picking up my sister and me at night, as we were being taken.

My dad, for whom we are still his princesses and we are never too old to cuddle.

My dad that I can always count on, if it ever went less with me.

My dad's hard working, strong and always cheerful man, I can continue for hours of course. I look forward to Father's Day

I look forward even more to May 23, 2019, the night that I am staying with my parents, because my dad will give me away on May 24, 2019.

WHOOP WHOOP let, s party I SAID YESSsssssssssss

Love you DAD