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Month: May 2018


We have a new collection online again

As I indicated in the blog “INSPIRATION”, my sisters have been the inspiration for temporary “V-Neck Donut” collection.

How excited they are when they saw it online WHOOP WHOOP 🙂

The fresh, colorful summer colors can be ordered from 01 June.

And also fun from June 1 to August 1, when you buy 2 T-sh1rts a nice soft donut Donut pillow gift.

I have him secretly already 🙂

June month = Action month = Donut month

The month of June is dedicated to various actions! Including the donut action, hmmm SMUL SMUL, nice!

Do you like Donut, T-sh1rts & Fashion, then this June / July action is definitely for you! SH1RTS & SUGAR simply combines this, because when we buy 2 T-sh1rts from the DONUT collection, we give a cheerful, cozy random color donut as a present.

The promotion runs from 01-06 to 01-08-2018, and is only valid on the Donut collection. We are proud to present the new donut temporary V-Neck, and O-Neck collection from June 1 to order

The T-sh1rts come in super nice, fresh, cozy summer colors, in short plenty of choice. Leave a message if you have any questions, or just want to get rid of something

** PAY ATTENTION! The Donut is not to eat, so no effect on your sugar values ​​:)

Mothersday or womensday💙🌻🌷

Meet the sweetest mother in the world, but I think everyone would say that about his or her mother? 😊😊

My mother is really a type1 next to my type1. I admire my mother and learned a lot from my mother, which I also apply in my daily life.

Ehum I do not really do anything about cooking

But fortunately my parents always have a plate ready for us jammie jammie😊😊. There are some Surinamese dishes that I can not serve for my friend so mams to the resque💞

Appen we do almost every day, sometimes very fast but unfortunately often enough as a crossword puzzle (when the spell check is on)! Then I can decipher what I want, but reading I really do not know what it says, so I have to call me, but I do not mind at all.

To make time for each other, we also have the mother and daughter (s) day. Nice tuts to do nails, high tea with my zussie or just a pan of soup for my fluing sister. Nothing is too crazy for my mother, in fact my mother can do crazy enough herself, my mother has humor and also gives her humor to us, because my sisters and I can estimate pretty hard😅😅. I apologize for the next time, but that is how we are😂😂

Yes indeed I still have the sweetest and most beautiful mother of the world, I put my mother in the flowers, because it is Mother’s Day.

But I also respectfully respect my sisters. 💙 💙 Hard working diva mams 😊 with loving kids!

And of course my dear mamma-mam 🌻💞 thank her for who she is and I thank her for her dear son 💋

For all sweet mothers and sweet women.

I wish you a beautiful mother or woman day it is but who you in the flowers put on this day😊💋💞🌻



Thank you for participating in the first action of SH1RTS & SUGAR.
The reactions were super nice both on the site and on social media.The Jury had a hard time with it, and the nice warm weather of the weekend put another X-tra pressure

But yes there can only be 1 winner, right? Well, nothing is less true, as I already stated, the jury had a hard time with it. That’s why we have chosen 2 winners !! 2? Yep you read it right 2 winners WHOOP WHOOP!
The winners are … trrrrromgeroffellll please: Norma from Hoorn and Marion from Delft! Ladies congratulations. SH1RT & SUGAR will contact you for the design, to ensure that you are in possession of your prize as soon as possible.
For all players not worried there will be a new action soon.Anyone who has participated, if you place an order in May and / or June, SH1RTS & SUGAR will pay the shipping costs for you. Contact SH1RTS & SUGAR before you place your order to receive your personal discount code. The code is valid until 1 July
Do you have any ideas, for a nice action leave a message.

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