Bolero is a top product

Very good taste and quality, affordable (much for little), contains no artificial addition and can be a support with a responsible LifeStyle.

Bolero is 100% sugar-free, water-soluble powder lemonade and sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is made from the Stevia plant and is 100% natural and vegetable. Stevia in its purest form tastes bitter. Therefore Stevia will never be used purely, but will always be treated with steviol (a number of other Stevia-derived sweeteners). Bolero is also free from gluten, lactose, fats and is carbohydrate and very low in calories. Bolero contains added vitamin C that does not exceed the daily recommended amount. Any dyes used are from natural sources. Bolero is also very suitable for those affected with Type 1 and 2 diabetes, and for people with all kinds of allergies (eg Celiac disease).

Bolero has a wide but also varied audience. Bolero is working to reach schools, kindergartens, day care centers, primary and also secondary / special education in the context of general health. Schools that participate / want to participate in a healthier lifestyle and that promote the healthier canteen. Because of today's society and technological developments, young people are sitting longer and more, and there is far too little movement, Overweight among younger people is a trend, Bolero can point to healthier eating. healthy drinking is just as important! Bolero could be a valuable addition to this!

SH1RTS & SUGAR, always looked for a stick with the order that was ordered to try,

If SH1RTS & SUGAR is at the trade show, you are also welcome to come and drink a nice cup of Bolero during the trade show, to experience the taste of a refreshing drink yourself.

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