Maand: november 2019

Monday Not So Bad

Het is Maandag-Weggeef dag. Elke maandag, in November, van 12 uur tot 00:00 uur geven wij bovenstaand Shirtje weg. Wat moet je doen? reageer gewoon op dit berichtje met Bijvoorbeeld: Ja Graag, ja ik wil , of jajaja, of hoe dan ook.Zit je bij de eerste 10 die reageren dan heb jij een shirtje te pakken . Wees er dus snel bij mensen. Wie verras jij met dit shirtje, of hou je hem gewoon lekker zelf 🙂
Vandaag is de laatste Maandag in de BLUE November maand Claim jouw T-shirt vandaag nog! En we maken er de eerste 30 van:)


Peace and love to you! 

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in your movement! I would be truly honored and appreciate you coming to me for the month of November. 

My birthday is actually November 1st, I have been type1 for 10 years now. I am proud to represent the diabetic community within hip hop because not many public figures let alone musicians speak on living with diabetes and not many are even aware of how deadly this disease can be. 

My goal is to reach as many people with my music and message of self awareness and positive empowerment to get everyone more aware of our struggles as well as give inspiration to those who believe because they suffer from any disease they can’t or not allowed to pursue their dreams. 

Here is my latest single I released called “sour power” off my U.W.U MUSIC PROJECT releasing next year 2020. If possible to make a video supporting the single that would be a blessing. 

Tank you again, peace and much love. 


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